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User Research

Making informed design decisions is an integral part of producing products that succeed, and with a company spanning 14 different culture hubs across the United Kingdom, intu wanted to better know its end users. As a digital designer, I worked closely with our Head of Content to devise a user research strategy which would feed into our Lead Designers decision making as he wireframed a new version of our website.

The user research involved various tests and exercises, and we worked alongside our operations team to sample users from around the country. Through various first hand research methods such as Card Sorting and second hand research methods like experience mapping from customer tickets, I was able to construct an in-depth profile of our customer personas.

Design isn’t right because it looks right, its right because it serves its purpose and intent. This exercise helped me to acquire enough general and practical knowledge of the latest design trends, dark patterns and misconceptions; which I continue to build on to this day.


User Researcher